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Build a Greener Adirondacks

Join us on Thursday, March 21st for The Wild Center’s 5th Build a Greener Adirondacks, a day-long conference and vendor exposition designed to educate local builders, contractors, architects, code officials and engineers about the latest in current green building practices and products.

In the past, BAGA has focused on the energy and cost savings of building green.  This year we will shift the conversation to the qualitative aspects of green building: health, wellness and comfort.  One of our breakout session will concentrate on teaching how to market and use social media to attract new customers to your business.

New this year, thanks to our partnership with U.S. Green Building Council Upstate, we plan to offer GBCI and AIA continuing education credits.

Featured speakers include Kevin Stack of Northeast Green Building Consulting, who will facilitate a conversation on the opportunities and responsibilities builders have in the Adirondacks in meeting the challenges posed by intensifying global environmental change, and Mike Phinney of Phinney Design Group who will focus on Health + Wellness of Green Design. In addition, there will be extensive break-out sessions with powerful examples of local and regional success stories.

If you were unable to attend, you can watch several sessions using the links below.

View Plenary Session 1

View Plenary Session 2

View Cradle to Gate: Sourcing Healthy Materials and Products

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The 2019 agenda is subject to change.

· 8:30am - Registration and Exhibits

· 9:00am - Welcome & Plenary 1: Meeting the Challenges of Intensifying Environmental Change by Kevin Stack

· 10:00am - Coffee Break and Expo Tables

· 10:30am - Plenary 2: Health + Wellness of Green Design- A Case             Study of Several Green Projects by Mike Phinney

· 11:30am - Lunch ~~~~ Exhibits and Expo Tables


        o Lunch and Learn (11:45 - 12:45)

            - (1) Green and Mean Marketing - Jesse Schwartzberg

            - (2) Turn up the Heat Panel Discussion - DJ Colbert &                      Mark Seymour

        o Wild Center Green Facility & Pellet Boiler Tour (12pm)

        o Planet Adirondack Show: Current Climate Change Science       

        o Animal Encounter (on-going)

· 12:45pm - Breakout Sessions

        o (3) "Greenovating" and "Greenmodeling" - Matthew Whitbeck

        o (4) Air Sealing for Success - Matt Bowers & Nick Shaw

· 2:15pm - Breakout Sessions

        o (5) Cradle to Gate: Sourcing Healthy Materials and Products -                Kevin Stack & Josh Stack

· 3:15pm - Break

· 3:45pm - Breakout Sessions

         o (7) Potterburg: A Passive "Inspired" House Case Study -                       Tim McCarthy, Matt Bowers, Nick Shaw & Nathen Potter

         o (8) Top 10: What You REALLY Need to Know About Green                    Building and Codes - Mike DeWein

· 4:45pm - Closing Comments

· 4:45pm - Beer Tasting ~~~~ Exhibits

Green Building Today - Kevin Strack

Green Building Today

Biologist and builder, Kevin Stack discusses building construction while being in alignment with nature and the environment at the 2017 Building a Greener Adirondacks Conference.

Resilience and Living Machines - Josh Stack

Resilience and Living Machines

Josh Stack talks about building in harmony with nature at the 2017 Build a Greener Adirondacks Conference. 

Kevin Stack

As a biologist who became a builder over 30 years ago, Kevin Stack has served in many capacities including service on the boards of USGBC and past President of the CNY Homebuilders and Remodelers Association, NEHERS and a founding member of the USGBC NY Upstate Chapter. He built and lives in a 36 year old net-zero-energy house, and in 2012 built the largest LEED Platinum home. 

Kevin Stack Bio

Josh Stack

Educated in ecology, evolutionary biology and law at Cornell University, UB and NYU, on construction sites and the Peruvian rain forest, Josh Stack constructs, verifies and consults on healthy & resilient homes and multifamily projects. He counsels clients in using resilience science and adaptive law in practice to enhance the resilience, health and adaptive capacity of buildings and cities. He also teaches ecological performance standards for buildings as an adjunct at SUNY ESF and talks, internationally, on resilience science, biomimicry and how to mutually enhance the health and adaptive capacity of human and natural systems.

Michael Phinney

Michael Phinney, Principal at Phinney Design Group is a licensed Architect, AIA Member and LEED Accredited Professional with over 22 years of experience in architectural design and construction observation services. Mike has been the team leader on many environmentally sensitive buildings including the first certified green building in New York State in 2001, the first certified green building in the Adirondack Park in 2008 and the first "Healthy House" in the Northeast in 2004. 

Matthew Bowers

Matthew Bowers spent 6 years in the Navy as a nuclear engineer before attending RIT's Mechanical Engineering Technology Program. He graduated with the highest honors in 2010. Since 2013, Bowers has worked as a Certified Passive House Consultant and Tradesman and HERS Rater. In 2017, Bowers started his own company specializing in high performance homes. He has been featured in the Journal of Light Construction’s Energy Column under multiple topics including Blower Door testing for extremely tight homes, Infrared scanning, Blower Door testing and Retrofitting airtightness and trouble spots for airtightness in new homes. He helped in the design and construction of Rochester’s 1st Certified Passive House. 

Mark Seymour

Mark Seymour is owner-operator of Potsdam-based Radiant Hearth, Inc. He builds masonry heaters throughout the North East. This ancient technology of recovering flue gas heat through masonry channels can found in many styles throughout Northern Europe, Asia and more recently, North America. Masonry heaters are surging in popularity as a proven way to gently heat with cord wood. "After enjoying many years of warmth from a 1975 vintage wood stove in my hearth, my quest for a more sustainable and efficient way to heat my home led me to my discovery of masonry heaters.” Mark Seymour, an active member of the Masonry Heater Association of North America, serving on the technical committee.  

Mike DeWein

As Leidos Strategic Program Director, Mr. DeWein supports business and program development for Leidos in Energy Efficient Buildings and Facilities markets. With over 35 years’ experience as a national and regional leader in Energy Efficiency and Energy Code development and implementation, program development, advocacy and implementation, he is known as a national expert with service in 35 states and abroad. Mike is nationally recognized for combining his deep technical knowledge and large network of energy efficiency market players and industry colleagues with sustainable, practical applications and solutions.  Mike has served on numerous National and State Green and Energy Efficiency Code advisory, development and technical committees, including the ICC – SEHPCAC and IGBC, ASHRAE 189 (Green Standard), USGBC, and the NYS Energy Code, among others.

Matt Whitbeck

Matt is the Construction Manager and Owner of Whitbeck Construction with a 10+ year record of success building high end custom homes. Whitbeck Construction began as a five-person framing, roofing and siding subcontracting company, growing to a 25-30-person operation within two years, subcontracting for over 200 custom residential projects. In addition to building, Matt is dedicated to training not only his work crews but also other industry professionals. As a high performance building instructor, Matt develops curriculum conducive to high performance building practices and present it as required throughout the US at tradeshows, collages, vocational schools, lumberyards and other venues.

DJ Colbert

Donald J Colbert, II (DJ) took over his father's construction company at an early age. That began his journey into the trades. Over the past thirty years, DJ has Operated as both a building and HVAC expert. DJ's vast expertise in building science and HVAC has allowed him a platform to educate and bring energy efficiency and system solutions to the North Country. DJ started Cornerstone Services Plumbing Heating and Cooling in 2005 and has expanded its portfolio to include everything from manufacturing to energy services. DJ brings a level of expertise and experience to our customers second to none. He holds several BPI certifications and brings that knowledge to bear in all aspects of he work. DJ resides in his hometown of Norwood, NY with his wife Janel and their family.

Nick Shaw

475 High Performance Building Supply helps professionals make durable, resilient, ecological, and energy-efficient buildings that optimize occupant comfort and health by providing knowledge and materials that are essential to high performance buildings. Nick Shaw is a PHIUS-certified Passive House Consultant and Builder, with a background in integrated design-build projects.  

Jesse Schwartzberg

Jesse Schwartzberg, a graduate of the Masters of Architecture program at the University of Oregon, returned to his hometown of Saranac Lake, NY in 2011, to found Black Mountain Architecture, PLLC. While at Oregon, Jesse acquired a comprehensive understanding of contemporary green building techniques and honed his understanding of modern building science principles.

As a native of the Adirondacks who worked as a finish carpenter for six years before attending architecture school, Jesse is uniquely suited to work within the existing Adirondack architectural vernacular. By combining his local experience with the knowledge he acquired in Oregon, Jesse takes a fresh approach to architecture in the Adirondacks.