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There are 2 main problems in the world - the first is people getting along with each other, while the second is people and nature getting along. People and Nature will only thrive together when people learn about and appreciate our natural environment - because when you love something you'll do what you can to protect it. The Wild Center was created to help people fall in love with nature, and your donations help make that happen.

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If our work inspires you or the experience connects you with nature in new and unexpected ways, we hope you’ll make an investment.

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Why I Invest

“The Wild Center gets my attention because of the impact I believe it can have on citizens of not only the Adirondack’s but around the world.
Its purpose is to create a sensibility through real experiential learning that is based on science, demonstrating how people and nature can thrive in the same place. It is a big idea where people have the opportunity to really learn more… and see through a new lens how the future of mankind could be fundamentally better.
I was born in the Adirondacks and have lived on three continents and a dozen cities… I can see clearly how The Wild Center will be a catalyst that influences how people think and act.  And that is why I chose to invest in its true purpose.”

Charlie Frenette, Former Chief Marketing Officer, The Coca Cola Company

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Consider a gift to The Wild Center in recognition of a friend, family member or a special occasion.

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For further information on giving options please contact Tim Holmes (x 107) or Hillarie Logan-Dechene (x 103) at 518-359-7800. Thank you for thinking of The Wild Center.

Why I Invest, Ross Whaley

The former president of SUNY ESF speaks about the future of what he terms The Great Experiment, also called the Adirondacks, and the role The Wild Center can play in defining that future.

"It will be about understanding, not politics."

Why I Invest

"The future of the Adirondacks isn't guaranteed.

I invest in The Wild Center because I think it can do more to help the next generation make the Adirondacks a better place for everything that lives here. I believe this because I see first hand that the Center doesn't broadcast a point of view, it helps people form their own, and that makes all the difference."

Howard M. Fish, Former Publisher, Adirondack Life

Why I Invest, Dan Sullivan

The past president of St Lawrence University speaks about global challenges, and why The Wild Center is a place that works on a local and not-so-local scale.

"I come away flying."

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